Mr. Bansilalji Biyani
The contribution of the President and the inspirator of Biyani Public School, Shri. B.C.Biyani in the field of Education and Social Service, we have come to know through the attainments of all the posts that he has held of.

Shri B. C. Biyani is the member of eighteen institutions. Out of eighteen Institutions he is the President of fourteen Educational and Social Organizations and vice-president of the remaining four institutions. In the educational field, he found the drawbacks in the modern trends of education like more emphasis is laid on the text book education where as physical education ethic values Indian culture and traditions are being neglected and the negligence of these educational values having an adverse effect on the Society, devaluation of the level of education demoralization of the patriotic feelings of the country (nation) and the Physical weakness of the small children,

Shri. B. C. Biyani is worried about the above mentioned losses in the education imparted to the children. By keeping in mind the values of ancient Gurukul Educational System, he laid emphasis on physical fitness Self-defence, culture, Service to the country (nation) and covering all the modern trends of education along with the text book education to create physical mental development of the coming generation, Shri. B. C. Biyani established, the ”Late Dagadabai ChampalaljiBiyani Educational Development Trust”. This trust was established under Jalgaon districts Assistant Charity Commissioner with the registration number F4743 on 6-11-1999.

This trust established a Public day School, an English Medium Residential School, from the year 2002-2003 in the city of Bhusawal Shri. B. C. Biyani along with the members of the Trust visited a number of Public schools, Sainik Schools and other institutions all over the country. He visualized the infrastructure of the building, Comforts and facilities extra Co-curricular activities along with the academic syllabus. After visualizing all these efficiencies and drawbacks of the above mentioned schools, he decided to establish and ideal English Medium Military School in which he laid emphasis on the infrastructure of the building and educational facilities, Military Education which will impart sound moral, intellectual and physical education along with the text book education.

Shri. B. C. Biyani’s dreams of establishing such a school has come true in these modern days, which is known as the Biyani Military School, This is his first achievement of his dreams, and he has to over many more of his many dreams which he has visualized.

Mr. Manoj B. Biyani

Mrs. Sangita M Biyani
Executive Director
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